How Can I Get My Solar Pool Heater Ready For Summer?

Heating a pool can be expensive, especially if you depend on a fully electric heater to do the job. During the summer months, sun and fun are the name of the game. Why not opt for a solar heater to take advantage of some of that glorious sunshine and save a few bucks at the same time? A solar pool heater is a fantastic investment, and we want you to know just how to prepare it for the summer months.

How Do I Prepare My Solar Pool Heater for Summer?

The first thing you want to do is find the heater that will work best for your pool. If you already have a heater in place, that is fantastic. If you do not, talking to a professional can help you determine what type of solar heater will work best for you and what size.

When preparing a solar heater for summer, you first want to ensure that your solar pool heater is only turned on when the pool is in use and when the pool pump is in use. This is to help protect the system and to ensure that the water in the system does not overheat. You can do this by isolating the system and draining it. Most solar pool heaters do have bypass valves, and they also have isolation valves which can help you drain your panels and get them ready to start working again.

Proper function in the summer depends on proper winterization the year prior and making sure your system is up to date.

What Steps to Take to Prepare Solar Pool Heater for Summer Months

You first want to turn on your solar controller. This is going to help you jumpstart your system. If any error codes pop up, you should take the time to find out what they are and then take appropriate action to resolve them. Ensure your sensors are plugged in and that the solar controller is in summer mode.

This is going to allow your system to start and to work properly. You also need to ensure that if your solar controller has an internal clock, it is set to the appropriate time. You should check your boost pump and make sure that it is properly plugged in and has a power source. Then, you need to check your pipework and matting. This is all to help spot issues before they get too serious. If you see any issues, take care of them before you start running your heater full blast.

With any solar pool heater, it is always a good idea to keep in mind that if you have issues, this does not mean the whole system is faulty. With the help of a great technician and a great repair company, you can resolve any issues and get your solar pool heater back in perfect working and heating order.