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Ken Ogata March 13, 2022
"Our experience with the solar panel install has been professional, easy, friendly, on time and complete. Every call, email, and messages were answered in a timely manner 100% of the time. The panels are producing a ton of power. Understanding how it works, how it exports and receiving power credits is a must. Thanks to Dan, Tommy and installers, a job well done!"
G L (Desertguy) November 4, 2021
"Since installing our solar panels we haven't used our other pool heater at all and it's essentially free. Just increased the pump RPM 200 to get the proper water flow to the roof. Our pool usage time increased by around 4 months. The pool temp will increase by 10 degrees in a day and add a solar blanket to hold the heat over night and the average increases. If I had known the panels were this efficient I would have opted out of the heat pump we added when the pool was built and saved $4k"
Greg Galli November 4, 2021
"Mojave Solar did a fantastic job they showed up on time and the installation with minimal fuss. Painted all pipes and lines to match stucco and kept the panels below the roof line. Coordinated all the agencies and got us up and running in no time. Highly recommend."
Jeff Monteith November 4, 2021
"Dan Stifle and the team at Mohave did a great job installing our full house solar package as well as changing out our pool pump for a variable speed model with solar heating panels. Installation process was flawless, and we did not have to be there to get it completed. Dan even responded to an issue I had that turned out to be unrelated to the installation. Very professional team and super responsive. I would definitely recommend them to someone looking to install panels or pool heating! No electric bill for almost 1.5 years now!!"