How Can I Heat My Pool Year-Round?

Most swimming pool owners face two major concerns—high maintenance for heated pools and limited use during the cold season. If you’re looking for ways to spend less on pool heating, there are many options you can explore.

One of the best ways to reduce swimming pool heating costs and enjoy your pool past the swimming season is by investing in solar pool heating systems. These systems are versatile and work with different pool sizes and types. In this post, we will discuss everything you need to know about heating your pool using solar pool heaters.

Why Should You Consider Solar Pool Heaters?

The ideal temperature for swimming pools ranges between 24 and 28 degrees. That means you don’t have to continually use non-renewable energy to heat your pool. Solar pool heaters allow you to use the inexhaustive energy from the sunlight for free. It is a reliable form of energy regardless of where you live.

If you use the pool for commercial purposes, you’re likely to make profits by cutting down on running costs. Solar pool heaters use solar power to pump water through the system, making it more affordable. Solar energy is also environment-friendly as it does not release greenhouse gases or harmful materials into the atmosphere, water, or soil. All you need is enough sunlight, not heat, meaning you can still get enough energy to heat the pool.

How Do Solar Pool Heaters Work?

To heat your pool, the water is pumped out through a filter and then diverted to the solar heating system. The water is filtered and heated using the swimming pool solar collectors. Once heated, the water is transferred back to the swimming pool.

You can heat the water in other ways, such as solar heating mats and domes. If you have a rooftop pool, you have a better opportunity to heat it with solar energy. The solar pool heater must be close to the pool to avoid heat loss, which makes it crucial to select the right system for your pool design and size.

How to Choose the Right Solar Pool Heater for Your Home

The standard solar pool heating system will cost you between $2,500 and $4,000 to buy and install. You can expect your system to serve you for more than ten years if you choose and maintain the right system. Solar pool heaters last longer than gas and heat pump pool heaters. The type of solar heating system you buy depends on critical factors such as:

  • The site’s solar source
  • Your yard design and size
  • Efficiency level
  • Cost of the system and cost of installation
  • Regulations and codes

Need an Affordable, Reliable, and Green Way to Heat Your Pool?

Mohave Solar provides high-quality solar pool heating services to keep your pool water comfortable anytime you want to swim. We offer residential and commercial solar solutions to residents in Lake Havasu and the surrounding communities. Call us anytime for a free estimate.