What Do I Need To Know About Solar Pool Heating?

We always think about how refreshing it is to splash off into a nice cool pool, but we all know the truth is it is more often like splashing off into shockingly cold water that takes our breath. Heated pools are the ultimate luxury, but most people are becoming conscious of using too much energy for such luxuries. There is a solution, though. Solar-powered pool heating systems give you the best of both worlds. You can enjoy the luxury of your heated pool while resting assured that you are using clean, sustaining energy to heat it. This quick guide will give you some info about this great pool option.

How Does This System Work?

A pool heater powered by solar energy is an easy-to-use accessory for your pool. It can provide a great amount of heat. You will have the option of setting temps to suit your preferences too. This device is powered by the sun.

A control valve in the unit will push water through a solar collector and then back into the pool. This heated water circulates through the pool it continues to heat the water around it. The cycle continues as long as the system is on to provide continuous heating at just the right temp. You can imagine that the system works similarly to the way your filter system moves water continuously through a filter to clean it.

Is Solar Pool Heating a Cost Saver?

Maintaining a pool is definitely an investment, so you are probably wondering if this device will save you money or not. A traditional pool heater will cost you the initial cost of the device plus the electricity to run it. This can really add up over time. On the other hand, a solar-powered pool heater only costs the amount of the device. You will never need to pay for the energy to run the device as it will be powered by the sun.

Another money saver can come in the form of solar tax credits or tax incentives in your state. Check to see if your state offers homeowners incentives, rebates, or tax credits for installing clean energy devices such as solar-powered pool heating systems.

What About Maintenance?

Another important question is how much maintenance will the system require. You already handle quite a few pool chores. Will this add to the chore list? Solar-powered pool heating systems are designed to be efficient and low maintenance. Many people use them year round so that they can enjoy their pool any time regardless of temps. In most cases, the system will just need to be inspected, cleaned and maintained once a year.

Benefits of This System

When you choose to use this type of device to heat your pool you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • No increase in electricity budget
  • Contributing to clean energy efforts
  • Year round enjoyment of your pool
  • The luxury of a heated pool