What Are the Benefits of Getting Solar Panels Before End of Year?

Should I get solar panels before end of 2022? There are many benefits of having solar panels installed prior to the end of the year. With the end of the year being right around the corner, now is the best time to consider any renovations you may need.

Benefits of Having Solar Panels Installed Before the Year Ends

Why should I get solar panels before end of year? Here are several reasons why you should consider them.

An Increase in Independence

The year 2020 and Covid have taught many people not to expect the unexpected when it comes to anything. While Covid-19 continues to spread and be a problem to this present day, it has brought on a lot of unwanted stress. However, it also reminds everyone that you should always be as prepared as possible when it comes to surviving when certain luxuries, including electricity, are no longer available. Being prepared for a power outage is a good reason to choose solar panels. Solar systems now even have backup batteries that can provide you with several additional hours or days of power if your electricity in town has gone out.

Earn Tax Incentives

Tax incentives continue to change and are decreasing to their lowest ever since 2021. They have decreased from 22% to 26% in the year 2020. If you are considering installing solar panels on your home, make the move now so you can take advantage of an even higher tax credit next year. But, remember, the solar installation process must be completed prior to December 31. You can even roll the remaining credit over into your next tax year only if the percentage covers more than the amount you owe in taxes.

Get Rid of Electricity Bills Now

There’s no reason why you should wait to save on your electricity bills. If you get a solar system installed right now, you can immediately save yourself money. If you procrastinate on having this done, you will only delay it for several months or even years. This is all wasted time when you could actually take advantage of the reduced costs associated with renewable energy. Having solar panels installed ensures you will generate electricity for the next 25 or more years. Who doesn’t want to get rid of 100% of their electricity costs?

Carbon Emissions

The extreme weather and rise in global temps will eventually result in more natural disasters, more extreme weather, sea levels that continue to rise, and other issues. The best way to reduce your carbon footprint is by taking advantage of solar panels. This is probably one of the most impressive things you can do for yourself and the environment.